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“I find everyone in the office easy to work with and always happy to assist. Rook Matthews Sayer Forest Hall will always be my first choice when looking to buy, sell or rent” – Abbie, Forest Hall

Prime Minister, David Cameron meets our Alnwick team



David Cameron visited the market town of Alnwick during his pre- election campaign trail in the hope of securing votes from the North East of England.


Whilst visiting the town he just happened to stop by our Alnwick branch dazzled by our bright blue scarfs, he even commented ‘nice scarves!’
The Prime Minister then asked our Alnwick Branch Manager, Sarah Stoddart, what she thought we needed his help on. Sarah talked about more help for First Time Buyers to which the Prime Minister replied that for every £200 First Time Buyers save towards their first home the Government will top up with £50 which is capped at £3000.


Sarah also said there was a need to relax the lending criteria a little for all purchasers to which Mr Cameron answered that we must ensure that lending is responsible so we don’t return to the financial crises of 2007 and 2008.


You heard it here first, then with a few flashes of the paparazzi’s cameras and some very large video cameras thrust in our way he was gone! Was it a dream? No it couldn’t have been.. within 15 minutes of our meeting, the pictures and videos went viral and our phones didn’t stop ringing!


All in a day’s work at the Alnwick branch.

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