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"I find everyone in the office easy to work with and always happy to assist. Rook Matthews Sayer Forest Hall will always be my first choice when looking to buy, sell or rent" - Abbie, Forest Hall

Selling? Make sure your property is on the BIG 2



There is so much talk about the best marketing channels to sell your home quickly and effectively and the importance of marketing your property effectively is key to selling your home.


And whilst one approach is never quite enough, a mix of multi channels; in branch, online, in person and emailed to our massive database of buyers is hugely recommended and proves very successful. So successful in fact, that independent research carried out by Rightmove proves that Rook Matthews Sayer sells more homes in the Region of Newcastle to Northumberland than any other agent.*


We all know the importance of the internet these days, with 90% of all property searches starting online** property website portals like Rightmove, Zoopla, Prime Location and On the have become increasingly more important in the search for a new home, but how do we know which one to choose and which one could advertise my home most effectively?


This is where our latest research comes in. Recently, we carried out some research into the effectiveness of property portals to see which ones were outperforming the rest, and which we needed to invest in to achieve the best sales results for our customers.


In January 2016, Rightmove received 55% of user visits, Zoopla 40.6% compared to a meagre 4.1% of house hunters searching on ***
Furthermore, research by Comscore in April 2016 showed that 49% of house hunters only visit Rightmove, 18% only visit Zoopla, and 33% visit both Rightmove and Zoopla. So by advertising your property on the BIG 2 portals we can reach a whopping 82% of all house hunters.


We recently changed our advertising from to Zoopla to gain maximum exposure for our customers. By choosing both Rightmove and Zoopla we are able to reach more house hunters than any other portal combination which of course is GREAT news for you, our customer.


So when you are choosing an agent, ask the key question…which property portal will my house be advertised on? And make sure you have chosen the BIG 2 for maximum exposure.


Good luck to all our customers who are buying or selling a home. We hope this research has helped you with a successful home move.


*Source Rightmove Intel 01.01.16 – 30.07.16 ** ZPG internal data, June 2015 ***Comscore user data not de-duped

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